A List of Indoor Activities That Will Keep Kids Entertained While Staying at Home


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Looking for indoor activities to keep your kids busy during the coronavirus outbreak? These simple ideas will entertain children for hours at home.

Put on a play.
Have your kids create and perform their own creation. Don’t forget to dip into the costume box!
Break out the Play-Doh.
Children can use squishy good stuff to make whatever they want! Encourage them to make a sculpture to get the creative juices flowing.
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Use water.
Fill your sink with dish soap and plenty of toys to keep toddlers entertained long enough to make lunch.
Make slime
. Sometimes a little mess goes a long way in terms of keeping your kids entertained. Try this easy-to-make
to get the ball rolling.

Stage a puppet show
. Whether you have puppets already or need to make them from brown paper bags, it’s easy to get the kiddos involved in this hands-on activity.
Game on!
Have a Wii or Nintendo Switch in the house? Set up a tournament with a small prize involved to keep things interesting.
Bowl indoors.
You don’t need a blowing ball and a full set of pins to play. Just set up a few recycled bottles and use any old ball to get started.
Introduce your kids to yoga or meditation
. A little zen during uncertain times goes a long way. Try this
to help little ones feel relaxed.
Make your own jewelry.

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