I’ve Cried Every Time I’ve Watched the New Kohl’s Holiday Ad ‘Give With All Your Heart’


Photo Credit:POPSUGAR Family

Kohl’s emotional ‘Give With All Your Heart’ holiday ad shows the importance of forging meaningful connections during uncertain times. Watch it here.

the latest ad from Kohl’s, called”Give With All Your Heart,”
is no exception. Set to the song”Rainbow Connection,” viewers see a girl attempt to get to know her elderly neighbor by posting signs in her window. Seemingly set amid COVID-19, the pair enjoys some wholesome back and forth before the neighbor disappears without explanation.
After what appears to be weeks of waiting, the girl begins to lose hope. However, on Christmas morning, the woman returns. She is wearing a hospital bracelet, likely having experienced a significant health scare or contracted COVID-19. We see them reunite, and once the woman holds up a sign saying,”Did you get what you wished for?” it’s hard not to tear up.

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“This year looks different – and so do our wish lists,” reads the Kohl’s YouTube channel.”Where once we just wished for things like toys and tech, we’re now wishing for happiness, understanding, and kindness more than ever. And time spent together is the greatest gift of all. This year looks different because the world is different. So give with all your heart.”

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