Kamala Harris Isn’t Promoting Sex Work But She Should Make It Safer


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Partial decriminalization is not likely to make sex workers safer.

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, BTW) in the comment section and claim their disgust.
These people can’t see their way through nuance or facts, so they jumped to two conclusions: Sex work is the root of all evil, and Harris is in favor of it. Neither is true.
Sex work is real work
, and the people doing it should be protected. Also, Harris has actually been a little wishy-washy on her stance when it comes to decriminalizing sex work, and many sex worker advocates see her as doing more harm than good when it comes to their safety.
There are a lot of layers to the topic of
sex work, but it’s important to understand that by making prostitution criminal, it makes it unsafe for the people who are assumed to be prostitutes or who are selling their bodies out of want or need.

I know the argument is that if sex work is unsafe, then people shouldn’t do it; that would solve all of the problems, right? However, that’s not how life works. Prostitution is considered the oldest profession, and will likely be the one that survives until the end of time. People are going to fuck for money whether you think they
or not. Plenty of sex workers enjoy their work, and others use sex as their last resort to support themselves. Others are forced into it because of sex trafficking. Without protections in place, we can’t “save” anyone, and the way to protect people—yes, even the coerced victims—would be to stop criminalizing sex workers.
Here is where Harris “promoting prostitution” comes into place. The

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