Someone Please Buy Me This Gorgeous Cocktail Set


Photo Credit:Eater

These hand-painted cocktail tools are almost too stunning to use (almost)

Tepotztli Colibri Azul cocktail shaker
Tepotztli [Official Photo]
It was the pop of royal blue on the cocktail shaker that hooked me. The vibrant shade peeks out behind a psychedelic floral design starring a friendly looking hummingbird. Copper, which underlies the painted pattern, seems to shine through in the oranges and yellows of the flowers. It looks more like art to be displayed than a tool you should shake vigorously or regularly douse in sticky syrups and acidic juices, which is why the “Colibri Azul” set from
— which includes a strainer, a cobbler-style shaker, a mixing glass, and a ridiculously beautiful jigger — seems like such an unnecessary splurge.
Ever since I encountered the stunning Tepotztli tools, I’ve been side-eying my shabby cocktail set, quietly suppressing the urge to throw my old tools in the trash and order my dream set.

I’m too stubbornly pragmatic to ever replace a perfectly good tool (if I were to ever part with my barware, I would likely pawn it off on a cocktail-deprived friend). There’s also the matter of cost: Tepotztli sets range from $200 to $500, far too rich for my blood, especially considering you can outfit a perfectly decent bar for under $50.
None of this has stopped me from fantasizing about how the Tepotztli pieces would look displayed on my shelves or arranged on a bar cart, that pop of blue lighting up any room. I think about the other offerings from Tepotztli too. There are painted sets like the Colibri Azul, but also

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