Leiomy Maldonado the Wonder Woman of Vogue Shows Off New AREA


Photo Credit:PAPER Magazine

The indie NYC label tapped the ballroom dancer to spotlight its new crystal looks.

, the indie NYC label which has been manipulating the glittering material to dazzling effect since its founding in 2014. But after a year that saw basically everyone question the entire fashion system, the brand decided to shake things up considerably in 2021 (haven’t we all tried to rebrand at some point?).
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And that’s where Leiomy Maldonado, AKA the Wonder Woman of Vogue comes in. The transgender Afro-Puerto Rican ballroom dancer and activist was chosen to star in Area’s new video promoting the launch of its Ready-To-Wear 01 collection — the first under its
see-now-buy-now business model — which bows today on its revamped e-commerce site.
Leiomy, who has appeared in

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