Hysterical’ EPs On Telling The Stories Of Female Comics “We Are On A Path To Make A Woman’s Voice So Powerful Right Now” Contenders TV Docs Unscripted


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The FX documentary Hysterical spotlights a number of fierce female comics who share their experiences of breaking into a field that has traditionally marginalized female comedians in favor of their…

, one of the many comics featured in the documentary.
For Kirson, the onset of the #MeToo movement provided the perfect opportunity to share their stories.
“We are on a path to make a woman’s voice so powerful right now,” she said. “I think this movie really has helped so many people, whether they’re a comic or not, and it’s time for women to have more of a voice. We’re warriors. We have dealt with so many things and so many challenges and it’s time for women to have more power. That’s it. It’s time for us to have more of a say and to be treated as equals.”
Check back Monday for the panel video.
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