Young Boy Dies Of COVID While Vacationing In Hawaii With Vaccinated Parents


Photo Credit:Scary Mommy

Officials said the boy was younger than 11 and had known underlying health conditions.

Covid-19 symptoms
just after the family arrived in Hawaii, reportedly within just a few hours—meaning he’d likely already contracted the virus before leaving his home state. He was taken to the hospital right away and eventually died there. It’s the first pediatric Covid-19 death recorded in the state.
Hawaiian health officials also said that the boy’s parents were both
fully vaccinated
before they left on the trip. Given the comparatively low number of serious cases of Covid-19 among children, they may have felt that getting vaccinated themselves was enough to keep their family safe.

There have been about 3.7 million cases of the virus among kids reported in the U.S. as of mid-April, according to the
American Academy of Pediatrics
. That’s around one-tenth of the number of cases in adults. About 300 children have died, compared to almost 600,000 adults.
A tragic, potentially cautionary tale. The child who died was under 11 & had an underlying condition. Children’s deaths from Covid are rare but *can* happen. Public policy on schools, etc CANNOT disregard kids at higher risk w underlying conditions.

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