Chanel’s Last Virtual Fashion Show?


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This week, everyone will be talking about Chanel’s digital cruise show, retail hiring in the US and Honest Co.’s IPO.

plenty of jobs to fill
, and there are millions of workers who have been unemployed since the start of lockdowns last spring. And yet, as brands see more customers visiting their stores, they aren’t always finding it so easy to staff up. For starters, plenty of people aren’t jumping to take in-person customer service roles when Covid-19 is still a threat, especially as many states loosen indoor capacity and mask restrictions. Some are also being choosier about the type of job they’ll take while they can still rely on stimulus checks for food and rent. Labouring for minimum wage in a store, where sales assistants
may also now be asked
to pick and pack online orders, may not be at the top of the list.
Retailers have plenty of tools at their disposal to make their entry-level jobs more desirable; the jobs data out this Friday is likely to show an uptick in wages, for starters. If that doesn’t break the impasse, expect more companies to offer health insurance, full-time work on set schedules, opportunities for advancement and other long-sought benefits by store employees.
The Bottom Line
Once offered, it may be difficult for retailers to roll back some of these benefits, even as more people enter the labour market.

While the defeat of the Amazon union drive in Alabama last month was a setback, the labour movement has momentum not seen in a generation or more.
The Honest Co., Jessica Alba’s beauty and baby products company, is expected to go public this week,
seeking a $1.5 billion valuation
“Natural” and “clean” beauty brands that promise to avoid many commonly-used chemicals have seen booming sales
Revenue rose 28 percent to $301 million last year, and losses were cut by more than half to $14.5 million
The stars have aligned for Jessica Alba and The Honest Co., her line of baby, beauty and personal care products. Consumers can’t get enough of beauty products that claim to be good for the environment and promise to use natural ingredients over synthetics where possible. And during the pandemic,
sales of personal care items soared
regardless of what they were made from. The timing couldn’t be better for Honest, which was an early leader in bringing eco-friendly products to the mainstream. Growing sales indicate the brand has fully shaken off the taint of a 2016

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