Sheet-Pan Gnocchi


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Is it pasta? Is it a salad? One thing’s for sure: This crisp-yet-chewy gnocchi with a jammy cherry tomato sauce takes just 25 minutes and one pan.

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I made this for dinner this evening and it will now go into the weeknight dinner rotation. It was so easy and I had all the ingredients on hand with the help of our garden basil and arugula! I added some cooked hot Italian sausage as my husband doesn’t consider it dinner without meat. Delicious!
Pam Andrews
Jamison Pa.
So easy and so delicious- a perfect weeknight recipe. The dressing was especially good (roasting the whole garlic cloves makes all the difference). My only complaint is that mixing large pieces of torn basil with piping hot veggies/gnocchi results in basil that’s slimy and wilted, especially if you’re saving and reheating leftovers. I would recommend garnishing each plate with a basil chiffonade instead!
Hannah W
Boston, MA
This recipe turned out delicious! It was so easy to make and came together relatively quickly. We loved the flavor profile, even as someone who doesn’t like tomatoes. The 4 serving recommendation is a bit generous if this is your only dish for the meal. I’d consider it 2 very generous servings, or 4 small portions. Like other reviewers noted, our gnocchi was not quite browned after the recommended 20-25 min. I checked back in an extra 5 and 10 minute increments and pulled them out closer to 35 min. The gnocchi themselves were a bit more chewy than I’m used to, but still very enjoyable! Our oven temp might be a bit low, so the next time we make this I might try cooking closer to 435deg. for a shorter amount of time. I was skeptical about roasting the garlic cloves in the skins, but they were easy to find and remove from their skins once cooked. Using large cloves makes this process easier. We added the arugula and basil to our individual servings instead of to the whole dish, since we expected to have leftovers. Overall, I’d highly recommend this dish!
Detroit, MI
This is not good. I used fresh gnocchi and even then it came out one step away from cardboard caterpillars. And the leftovers……normally a favorite part of any recipe. .forget about it. Even worse. The recipe needs more moisture.
Walice Aters
San Francisco, CA
Easy and oh-so-delicious: the best 2 things about dinner. This became an instant favorite at our dinner table.
Charlotte, NC
This was an excellent dish.

I chose it as a quick weekday dinner but this would be a great dish for weekend gatherings as well. I used a whole head of garlic throughout the pan and used about 3-4 cloves for the dressing. My gas oven typically takes longer to bake things, so I anticipated that for this recipe. The gnocchi and tomatoes were perfect at about 32 minutes for me, personally.
Abbigail Collins
Lexington, KY
This was tasty, but it didn’t come together as quickly as expected. At the 25 minute mark, the gnocchi were gummy and not golden nor were the cherry tomatoes. I turned the oven to convention mode and roasted for another seven minutes. The gnocchi were perfect but I lost a little of the tomato juices. Next time I think I’ll add some white wine or broth towards the end of baking. Also, even though I’m generally a lemon lover, this was one recipe that I don’t think benefitted from its addition. Between that and the arugula it kind of made the dish taste like a hot salad. Otherwise, it was good but I’ll probably tweak it in the future.
Barb G
Niagara Falls
This was delicious! I halved the recipe for my boyfriend and I but we could probably have eaten the four servings. Nice and bright with the lemon and just all-around perfect. Came together nicely for a weeknight meal. Definitely making again!
Vancouver, Canada
So good & so simple! This made two (quite generous) servings in our household, rather than the suggested 4…but maybe we just loved it so much??? (I also skipped the cheese as I didn’t have any on hand.) I don’t think I can go back to the old way of boiling gnocchi again.
Uncomplicated to cook and yummy! Gave the tomatoes and red onion a 15 minute headstart. Drizzled a small amount of milk to moisten the gnocchi and a dab of Chipotle hot sauce for warmth. The gnocchi turned out CRISPY on the outside and soft on the inside. I am never boiling store bought gnocchi ever again. It’s EVEN BETTER in leftover form.
Toronto, ON
I thought the flavors were very good & loved how easy it was but next time I’d give the tomatoes a bit of a head start, they were a little under and the gnocchi was a bit chewy. After 25 min

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