Smells Like Updog candle


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Creative minds behind The Dad came up with the best dad gifts ever! Candles with the funniest names, like Dad’s Early Morning Mow (Smells like the best lawn on the block), that smell amazing! Check out full collection here.

counting down to Dad’s Day (from 06/20/21 to 6/19/22)
Comes with attached plastic stand
The delight:
FREE high fives from other dudes who know the deal
“Close (esc)”
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This item is on pre-order and will start shipping June 11th in time for Father’s Day!
Wave goodbye to the phrase, “Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual.”
It does now, and you’ll actually want to read this one.
Our comprehensive guide has all the answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask, like, “How do I make a baby burrito?” “When should I activate NOS on a family road trip?” and “What tonnage of meat should I buy for my cookout?” Packed with essential tips relevant to parenting in every season of life, you’ll find yourself referencing this manual more often than your kids ask, “Are we there yet?”
The details:
~83 pages
Black/White text
Content by Mark Chalifoux, Garrett Faylor, John Darby, Phillip Glassner, Morgan Music, Ally Probst, Jared Warner, and Joel Willis
Edited by Morgan Music

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