Anthropologie’s Capri Blue Volcano Candle Is the Best Candle of All Time


Photo Credit:Food52

You know the one I’m talking about.

. It’s the same fragrance Anthro burns in all its stores, so if you’ve ever stepped inside one, you know
what I’m talking about. Seriously, if you just say”Capri Blue” and skip”Volcano,” everyone will know which scent you’re referring to.
We’re Calling It: This Is the Golden Age of Candles
The scent fills the room even when I’m not burning a candle. And once it’s lit, everything instantly feels more fresh, warm, and relaxing all at once. It’s got notes of tropical fruits, lively citrus, and a hint of sugar—not overpoweringly sweet and somehow seems to work all year round.
Even better than the scent itself are the variety of different candle jars it comes in so you can find one that complements your space, as well as non-candle formats like oil diffusers, hand soap, and more. This way, you can surround yourself in Volcano without mixing scents, which is my personal dream come true.
Below are a few of my favorite Capri Blue Volcano picks, all of which

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