3D make-up artist Ines Alpha’s favourite Instagram filters


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\u2018I consider make-up to be something that transforms your face, be it Instagram filters or what I do,\u2019 says digital artist and 3D make-up creator Ines Alpha. \u2018It\u2019s how make-up has been used since the Egyptians: enabling humans to transform into a character.\u2019\nWhether working with brands like…

of 2020 might have lead to a decrease in the use of traditional make-up, but it also resulted in a flourishing of new, technology-based alternatives. For those looking to satisfy their cosmetic creativity digitally rather than physically, Alpha has shared a list of Instagram filters that can transform your face with the click of a button. 
This is my brand new filter! It’s an adaptation of a video I made during the very first quarantine of 2020. I was inspired to create 3D face masks to protect yourself from viruses in the digital realm. I’m super proud of it because it’s technically more advanced than my previous ones. I’ve learnt new techniques thanks to other developers that helped me on it (@alwayscodingsomething @aaronjablonski @hongwei_tang). 
This is human
This collaboration with Bimba y Lola was my first with a brand. I was so excited to give life to one of my 3D characters. I can’t wait to be able to develop Tamagotchi-like AR experiences so we can all play with cute otherworldly digital pets. 
Time warp scan
Every time you use it you randomly get a different funny face. I have so much fun playing with it. It’s super interesting to record yourself every time and see how instinctively your body reacts to what it sees, because you cannot predict what you will look like, and that first second when you see your new digital self is magic. 
Alpha skin
Sarah Mayer is a great digital designer.

What I like about this Instagram filter is that she’s not trying to make you more beautiful according to society’s beauty standards. Still, this filter is truly beautifying but in an unconventional way, looking maybe weirder and unique and also very otherworldly. I’m always super happy to see other creatives working on diversity in beauty and showing you can be beautiful in so many other ways than just following Instagram’s typical model of perfection – cat eyes, perfectly contoured face, thin nose, flawless skin. 
Dream machine
I love crazy surrealistic filters and when AR can bring you into worlds reality cannot offer. I think Mitsuko has a great style and sense of humour, it’s always cute and very playful. Her filters truly bring joy and I think also self-confidence because while using them it’s so funny that you completely forget to look ‘good’. Of course, I’m a huge fan of the colours of this one. 
The Otherworldly filter is a collaboration between me and @madroni_redclock, facilitated by @planet.huh. Though on different parts of the globe, Madrona and I connected around our shared ethos of unconventional beauty and the shared mood ‘otherworldly’. We conceptualised an oceanic design vision, which guided the cool tones and a geometric make-up design from Madrona, and the water-like 3D iridescent moving shapes from me, to create a 3D make-up face filter that transports users to another world.

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