Miu Miu “Like a Good Dirty”


Photo Credit:Interview Magazine

This is ‘Voice Notes,’ your source for off-the-cuff fashion week psychobabble. Today, Courtney Tropp talks Miu Miu.

SENT: 8:10 P.M.
“Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Prada AND Miu Miu, but I’ve always thought that Miu Miu is the more lighthearted version of Miss Prada, and such a fun way to end the season. I was the only one at the show who actually went for one of the snowbunny looks from the current season selling in stores, and it was pretty funny to be at a fashion show in a full ski outfit. Honestly, would do again. I was super comfy. I’d heard through some friends that Miu Miu was giving us a dirty collection in a really great way—like a GOOD dirty. As soon as I saw that our chairs were those swivel office chairs, I was like, ‘This is great. Give me an early 2000s resurgence of sexy office looks.

The show started with a funny little film about plastic surgery with Miss Prada. It didn’t make fun— it was about how there is no normal anymore. Very lighthearted. The looks—hold on, I need to pull them up on my phone again because it all happened so fast—Ok, I’ve never seen so much torso in my life. THE TORSO DROP! A sign that we’re going more authentic and raw, and that anything goes now. We saw a lot of TINY miniskirts that honestly couldn’t have been more than SIX INCHES. I’m telling you, shorter than Britney’s. Seeing them done in these beautiful khaki colors made me think I really do need one. Even though I’m 35, I’m going for it.”
Photos courtesy Courtney Tropp.

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