There May Be a Secret Royal Tunnel From St James Palace to This Legendary London Bar


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The spot also makes a mean martini.

, is a lounge of legendary lore.
James Bond
author Ian Fleming was a regular, and it’s here that 007’s “shaken, not stirred” martini was first crafted. To this day, the Vesper Martini remains Dukes’ signature drink. Patrons can order the classic creation from a tableside trolley rolled by storied bartender Alessandro Palazzi, and have it served in a V-shaped glass with a hearty Amalfi Coast-lemon peel.
The walls are decorated with 19th and 20th century portraiture, and tables are surrounded by snug blue velvet adorned with tassels. Overhead is a geometric-patterned (or “Old English”) ceiling.
Other than Fleming, Dukes is remarkably mum about their well-heeled (or crowned, as the case may be) clientele.

But it’s also rumored to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, who had an affinity for their afternoon tea. Nor has the establishment confirmed (or denied!) the existence of this secret tunnel. But on their website, Dukes Bar offers this tantalizing tease: “
If the walls of this intimate space could tell a thousand stories,”
they write. And hey, according to Google Maps, the bar is only .2 miles away from the historic royal palace. That sounds like walking distance.
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