Tesco urgently recalls cough medicine


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Here’s how to check your batch number

The batch numbers of affected products are:
9MW0145 – pack size of 10, expires November 2022, first distributed 16 Mar 2020
0CW0054 – pack size of 10, expires Jan 2023, first distributed 7 April 2020
0FW0133 – pack size of 10, expires May 2023, first distributed 12 May 2021
MHRA Chief Safety Officer, Dr Alison Cave, said:
‘Patient safety is always our priority and we are committed to ensuring that the medicines you take are safe.
‘It is vitally important that people check their packs of Tesco Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Lemon Sachet and check if they have an affected pack.
‘If they do, they should stop using them and return them to Tesco for a refund.

‘We would like to reassure patients and parents that if you or someone under the age of 16 have used recently these sachets and have suffered no ill effects there is no cause for concern.
‘If anyone has any questions please speak to your healthcare professional and report any adverse reactions via the Yellow card scheme.’
This product is specifically branded as Tesco Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Lemon Sachets and the recall does not affect any other products that share the same product licence number but are distributed by other retail stores.
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