Creepy Halloween Contact Lenses Are Taking Over TikTok


Photo Credit:NYLON

Spooky contact lenses and black eye drops are officially trending.

has revealed that Halloween contact lenses are one of the world’s most used Halloween makeup products, and demand has increased by 224% since the beginning of October 2021. They’re joined by glitter and face paint in the top three for global demand, but they’re also taking over TikTok. This month,
, including red eyes, white-out eyes, and crosses.
Out of all the options for lenses, blacked-out eyes seem to be particularly popular this year, with
people on TikTok sharing reaction videos
in the lead-up to Halloween. Some are even taking it a step further by participating in the black eye drop trend, which gives the effect of crying black bloody tears. It’s American Horror Story: Ophthalmologist Office.
When it comes to putting anything in or around your eyes, it’s important to be careful to avoid doing anything that can permanently damage them.

Avoiding cheap and low-quality products and opting for special effect eye drops and professional contact lenses is always the best way to protect your vision. You also shouldn’t mix special effects eye drops with contacts; stick to one at a time.
recommends not using contact lenses at all if you have sensitive eyes and looking for products that have passed safety regulations– they will have “CE” marking. They also encourage using clean hands when putting the lenses on and not falling asleep while still wearing them—which means taking them off straight after your Halloween party. (Take off your makeup while you’re at it!) If you go by these guidances, you can easily take part in the blacked-out eye trend this year without causing side effects that can be genuinely scary.

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