Baby names predicted to be BIG in 2022


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Here are the biggest risers and top names for the year ahead …

All in all, a strong name and one set to skyrocket in 2022.
4. Ava
5 / 25
This sweet old-fashioned name means ‘life’ or ‘bird’ and has been rising in popularity since 2005.
It’s now the fourth most popular girls’ name this year, and set to rise even further in 2022.
5. Benedict
6 / 25
Regency inspired names are likely to be huge in 2022, with many parents-to-be taking inspiration from TV shows and movies such as Bridgerton.
Is Benedict on your list?
6. Birdie
7 / 25
A unique choice, Birdie is likely to be a popular name for parents in the future.
According to US name experts Nameberry, parents are opting for playful names as an antidote to the pandemic, ‘choosing light, bright, playful baby names’.
7. Cressida
Another Regency-inspired name, this one’s set to rise in the next year or so.
Could Cressida be a contender for your little one?
8. Daphne
9 / 25
Inspired by Netflix’s show Bridgerton, this name will be huge in 2022.
It also links in to the Regency-inspired trend that’s growing in popularity when it comes to naming children.
9. Forest
10 / 25
It’s become trendy to name babies after nature, so it’s no wonder that names such as Forest and Ocean are set to be huge in 2022.
This name evokes tranquility and would make a good choice for parents wanting a peaceful name for their little one.
10. George
11 / 25
As ever, royal names are a popular choice for parents choosing names for their babies next year.
And though Prince George is now eight years old, the name’s likely to stick around for a while purely for its royal connection.
11. Harry
12 / 25
Another royal name rising in popularity, Harry’s just above Archie on the list of top 10 baby boy names of 2020.
In at number 8, parents taking inspiration from the royals is a trend that’s set to continue into 2022.
12. Ivy
13 / 25
Ivy’s risen in popularity in a BIG way over the past decade and entered the top 10 for the first time this year.
We’re expecting it to rise even further in 2022.
13. Leo
14 / 25
Leo means ‘lion’ and is a strong name choice for babies.
While it’s in at number 6 this year, we predict it’ll be a huge contender for 2022.
14. Lili
15 / 25
A short-and-sweet name, Lili ticks the boxes for a floral-inspired AND retro name choice.
The name’s been popular with parents for a while now, so it’s sure to make a comeback in 2022, especially with Meghan and Harry choosing it last summer for their first baby girl together.

15. Maeve
16 / 25
Another short-and-sweet moniker, the name Maeve shows how much culture can influence our name choices.
Thanks to Netflix’s Sex Education, the name saw a surge in popularity in 2020 and is only going to continue rising, no doubt.
16. Margot
17 / 25
The name Margot has become a fave among parents and has been rapidly climbing since actress Margot Robbie appeared in film The Wolf of Wall Street.
Now we predict it’s set to grow even more with the recent announcement that Margot Robbie will play Barbie in an upcoming film.
17. Milo
18 / 25
This name rose 28 places in one year alone and it’s climbing up the list of most popular boys’ names fast!
So we expect it to be even more popular in 2022.
18. Moxie
19 / 25
Another playful name, Moxie means ‘force of character, determination or nerve’ so is sure to be a hit with parents-to-be.
Is this unique name on your list?
19. Noah
20 / 25
The name Noah has seen an increase in popularity over the last two decades, and has risen over 200 places in the ranks. It’s now in the top five name choices for baby boys.
Could it reach the top spot next year?
20. Ocean
Like Forest, Ocean is another popular and unique name that’s set to skyrocket.
Inspired by the sea, this one’s perfect for your little water baby.
21. Oliver
22 / 25
This year’s top baby name was Oliver, proving once again that this name is not going anywhere anytime soon.
If you want a popular name for your little one, Oliver’s a strong contender.
22. Olivia
23 / 25
This year’s top baby name for girls, Olivia means ‘olive tree’, and isn’t slowing down in popularity anytime soon.
So we’re expecting it to be just as big in 2022!
23. Otis
24 / 25
Another name that’s grown in popularity thanks to a TV show, Sex Education’s Otis is proving to be an inspiration for parents-to-be.
This name is only likely to become more popular.
24. Rosie
25 / 25
Another name that entered the top 10 for the first time this year, Rosie means ‘like a rose’ and this floral-inspired name is set to be huge in 2022.
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