America’s Got Talent’ Finalist Glennis Grace Arrested in Amsterdam


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America’s Got Talent finalist Glennis Grace revealed via Instagram that she was arrested in her home country of The Netherlands.

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Glennis, her son and the man with them were released from custody, according to 
, though offical details remain unconfirmed. “The police investigation is still ongoing and we trust that it will show that Glennis has not committed any criminal offenses. We are now waiting for the investigation to be finished before making further announcements,” Grace’s attorney said in a statement to the publication.
Glennis is a singer and is best known as a finalist during season 13 of
America’s Got Talent
‘s in 2018, and was previously a semifinalist in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, representing The Netherlands by performing her song, “My Impossible Dream.”
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