How to Store Asparagus So It Lasts More Than Three Minutes


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Store these stalks like a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer.

Whether there’s still snow on the ground in your area or you can finally step outside with just a light jean jacket, you should treasure these precious green stalks. If you’re buying asparagus, take care of it properly.
The best way to store fresh asparagus is like a bouquet of tulips: aka upright in a glass jar with an inch of water.
This will prevent the asparagus tips from getting mushy and smelly, while maintaining the stalk’s bright green color. Plus, a large mason jar or tall drinking glass will help to accommodate the towering stalks so that they can stay fresh for days. “Even better, trim the bottom one inch from the bottom before sticking them in a vase in your fridge,” says Food52 community member Alyssa.
In general, fresh asparagus should be refrigerated but with this method, you don’t have to do so. “If you keep them upright in water, as in previous answer you really don’t need to refrigerate them.

It’s fine to keep them on the counter for a few days this way,” writes user
Once they’re standing tall and proud, loosely cover the asparagus with a plastic bag and store the jar in the fridge (again not a must, but this is our preferred method). Just make sure not to wrap them too tightly (ditch tying the bag with a constrictive ribber band!) because the tops need air circulation; otherwise, they’ll turn mushy within a day or two, thus ruining the stalks that we’ve all waited so long to purchase.
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