Tasty avocado recipes for babies


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Avocados are a much-loved superfood and they’re great for your baby too. We round up some tasty avocado recipes for babies.

is great to first introduce your baby to avocado. It takes no more than five minutes to make (ideal for those hectic mornings) and you can even add a little yogurt to it too for an added protein boost.
Blueberry, banana and avocado puree
Why not add another superfood into the mix by throwing in some blueberries? They also help ward off illnesses and promote the growth of strong bones. This puree recipe by
takes less than five minutes to whip up. Your baby will also love its intriguing pale purple colour.
Chicken, avocado and tomato puree
This protein-packed recipe from
is suitable for freezing, so be sure to whizz up a big batch, so you can defrost portions on those days where you’re pushed for time. Suitable for baby’s 6 months+.
Avocado and apple puree
Sweet apples and creamy avocado mixed together makes a delicious dessert or breakfast for your baby to enjoy. This recipe by
is suitable for baby’s 6 months+ and only takes five minutes to prep.

Avocado and egg on toast
A great baby-led weaning choice, from
Baby Foode
as you can cut the toast up into small soldiers, making it an ideal finger food for your baby. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or for a healthy snack, this protein rich meal can be whipped up in around five minutes. You’ll probably also enjoy it yourself!
Suitable for 9 months+
Coated avocado slices
Another good option for baby-led weaning however, avocado is very slippery, so it can be difficult for your baby to hold. This recipe from
Baby Foode
is great, because it suggests coating the avocado in hemp seeds, breadcrumbs or crushed baby puffs, making it easier for your little one to pick up. Alternatively, they suggest you can always leave a little peel on so there’s a bit of grip for your baby to grab onto.
Crispy baked avocado fries

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