Tan France Just Dream Styled the Cast of “Euphoria”


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Was Him
coat collection.
Debuting last October, Was Him is France’s “genderless” collection of breathtaking coats, some full-length and others cropped. The brand’s latest drop brings neutrals to the next level with classic shapes and pops of bold red. In an effort to make Was Him more affordable, all items have been hit with a significant price decrease this time around — because all of us deserve to feel powerful and luxurious in garments that fit and don’t break the bank.
Below, we caught up with the
Queer Eye
star to chat about the new collection, and to see how he’d dress our favorite stars with it, including the superstar cast of
Teen Vogue: What was your inspiration for this latest collection?
Tan France:
The whole collection is based on ranch life. Often, I travel between New York and Los Angeles. For the rest of the world, that’s what they see as America. However, my version of America is a little different. I live in Utah, my husband’s from Wyoming, I’m caught between the two constantly, and I found this version of Americana to be very inspiring.
TV: There’s a large conversation happening around the terms “genderless” versus “gender-inclusive.” With Was Him being created with all genders in mind, which term do you feel best encapsulates the brand’s vision?
My school of thought is that this is a genderless brand. It doesn’t matter which gender you identify with or where you are on that journey, you should be able to wear a piece from the grand and feel
, feel confident, feel sexy, feel fashionable. For now, that’s where my thinking is, but who knows? You could ask me this in six months, and I could change my perspective by then. People might consider Was Him to be gender-inclusive, and if that’s the way they want to articulate it, then that’s wonderful!
TV: Let’s talk about trends.

Gen Z is certainly having a field day with fashion lately. But your brand is much more classic. How did you land on this style?
The Gen Z audience seems very much intent on pushing the ‘90s and early 2000s, grungy style. I would also use the term
-inspired, which seems to be the way the world is going, which is wonderful. My brand is definitely not that. I will always love classic style with a slightly more modern twist.
TV: Are there any fashion trends that you just can’t get on board with nowadays?
There are so many, ha! I don’t love a super low miniskirt or a super low jeans. Here’s my rule of thumb: If we — the older generation — have lived it, you know the pitfalls and you know not to make that mistake again. Seeing a lot of those trends come back that I wore as a kid — that’s just not for me, but you enjoy that for now! And when you’re my age, you’ll probably look back thinking, “Oh, that was unwise.”
TV: At this point, it’s just a cycle that each generation has to live through and experience for themselves.
Yes! I now have a son and my husband said, “If my child wanted to wear things like that, would you stop him?” My answer was no. I want the younger generation to play with fashion. Even if I don’t love it, who cares?
TV: Are there any celebs, in particular, you’d love to see wearing Was Him?
It would make me gag if I was watching a new season of
Emily in Paris
and one of the Was Him coats was on that. I would
TV: On that note, let’s play a little game. I’ll name drop some of our favorite celebrities and you tell me how you’d style them using the latest Was Him drop. First Up: Selena Gomez.

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