Sustainable Wardrobe Essentials For an Eco-Chic Spring and Summer


Photo Credit:POPSUGAR Fashion

As the weather gets warmer and the itch to spring clean gets to all of us, we’re reevaluating what’s in our wardrobe. That being said, we’re trying to be more

sustainably minded this year: donating old pieces instead of tossing them, rehabbing pieces that can be fixed up, and when it comes time to buy something new, we’re looking for eco-friendly clothes that have less of an impact on the environment.
Below you’ll find eco-conscious essentials to fill out your spring and summer wardrobe. Many of them are made from recycled materials and sustainable yarns, while others ensure that water used for washing and dyeing is safe and clean before its released back into the environment. If you want to define your new look as eco-chic, here’s where to start — just in time for Earth Day.

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