Michael Avenatti will not be c


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Michael Avenatti will not be charged over domestic violence arrest.

4:13 PM PT
— The hearing just went down in L.A. … and Avenatti is now officially in the clear. He just tweeted,”Today I attended the hearing in the matter relating to the allegations of Ms. Miniutti. At the conclusion of that hearing, I was again informed that NO CHARGES will be filed against me. As I predicted long ago, I was not charged because I did nothing wrong.”
Michael Avenatti
 will not be charged with any crime in connection with his domestic violence arrest.
The L.A. City Attorney just announced it will hold an informal hearing in which the alleged victim, 
Mareli Miniutti
, and Avenatti will appear separately and talk about what happened back in November, when the woman claimed he got violent with her … something Avenatti denies.
The City Attorney says the woman”will be advised of services available to her.” As for Avenatti, the City Attorney says”The suspect will be informed that although we decline to file charges at this time, this matter remains open and we may file charges at any time prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations.”
As we reported, the
to file felony charges. 
Mareli also got a temporary 
against Avenatti … a hearing on that matter has been postponed until next month. 
Originally published — 2/1 10:02 AM PT

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  • At least TMZ does a follow up
  • Why
  • Thanks to the demorats Justice
  • Least of his worries
  • Don’t worry, he’s still facing over 400 years in prison.
  • Believe women right?
  • Where is the apology for getting that story completely wrong and ruining his reputation and being responsible for horrible attacks on him and his family as a result of your BS story?
  • Getting a break again!
  • He should be more worried about the abuse he will subject to when he’s imprisoned.
  • Not that it means anything other than they didn’t have enough to charge him….sound familiar?
  • It’s TMZ. I’m thankful that they reported this. It’s nice to see Michael get some vindication. Normally though, I rate them just slightly above the National Enquirer.
  • Damn homie in high school you was the man homie fuck happen too you😂😂😂but look and see what chasing fame can do to you.
  • Cnn guy!!
  • Glad!
  • That only leaves about 35 other state & fedral felonies.
  • No worries. The criminal indictments still add up to 400+ years of imprisonment, if convicted. Why are you still shilling for Michael Mobinatti?
  • No charges filed for now they said in the report but could still be filed before the statute of limitations run out. I believe that’s what it said…
  • That’s one of what, three or four current indictments? Perhaps the legal system is just doing triage…